Custom Orders


     Would you like to have a custom painting made to order?

     I would love to create your dream piece!

  • Please take a moment and send me a detailed description including the following. 
  • What type of material do you want it painted on? Such as a Canvas, Gesso Panel, Surfboard or Mini Wooden Surfboard or something else you have in mind let me know? 
  • Mini wooden Surfboards Sizes are in inches-  24" or 40" long 
  • Canvas sizes- I use standard size canvases you can choose to have it Gallery wrapped or a traditional wrapped here is just a few size examples. 11' x 14"  12"x 12"  16"x 20" 18"x 24"  20" .x 30"  12"x 36"  20"x 20"  24" x 36"  30"x 40  36"x 48"  24"x 48" 20" x 60" 48" x 60"  48"x 72" Custom and larger sizes available by request.
  • The Scene: Please be as descriptive as possible, include the main focus of the painting, foreground, background, colors, all the important stuff etc...Attach any pictures that may help in describing your idea.
  • Detail: On the level of 1 to 10, how much detail would you like in your piece? You can also compare a piece from the website. Keep in mind more details is more time consuming and will be more costly. 
  • Do you need it done by a specific date? Please let me know. I will get back with you as soon as possible on the time and price to complete your custom painting.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions? Feel free to contact me email or call 808-375-5929
  • Mahalo and Aloha! - Hawaii Artist-  Chris Sebo (Artist)