About Chris Sebo

Here you will find Paradise through the eyes of Christopher Michael Sebo at just thirteen a troubled youth, he was well into graffiti. By sixteen, he began to use his talent to create a more traditional style of painting ever experimenting with massive arrays of colors along with his persistent drive for a better life and his love for sharing his visions and painting. Using only spray paint straight from the can itself, he took art to another level. Many say when they see him work that he takes art to another dimension. His paintings are created, using both hands at the same time, with textile materials; such as crumbled up newspapers, saucers, torn posters, bottle caps and whatever his hands can grasps. The tremendous detail created can be compared to a traditional painter creating distinguish strokes with a brush on a canvas only here the techniques are very different. He starts quickly with a stroke of his spray paint across his canvas. Then another here and there building layers of paint, then using his textile materials, to rub, scrape, and blend the paint all of a sudden, like a magician with final act to awe you, a spectacular visual appears before your eyes. His talent is truly one of a kind, without any formal art training. He is consistently developing new techniques. Chris’ passionate imagination easily seen in his wide range of paintings of realistic, surreal, fantasy like dreamscapes landscapes, the ocean and its waves in his seascapes, wildlife also the outer space, all with expressions of tender explosiveness. Chris’ art has taken him from the streets of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio Texas, to New Mexico, Arizona, Las Vegas, California to the North Shore on the Island of Oahu where he lives with his daughter. A devout father he delicately juggles his time painting and enjoying the beauty that surrounds him. You may have seen his work in newspapers, magazines and on different television shows. His work adorns many walls of businesses, art lovers and collectors from all over the world. Have peace of mind knowing all orders are shipped insured. Please feel free to look around. Enjoy your stay here, and make sure to Join me on Facebook www.facebook.com/seboarthawaii/ and chris.sebo on instagram to see the latest creations or ask about creating your own custom masterpiece. Mahalo, Aloha