Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

March 08, 2018

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

The above picture of the Hawaiians beloved Green sea turtle known as Honu, was a rare chance meeting as i walked the beach that cloudy morning, since they typically only come ashore to nest and lay their eggs but spend the majority of their lives in their ocean habitat. if you are fortunate enough to encounter one look, take pictures, but don’t touch. The Honu are an endangered species and it is illegal to get to close to these beautiful creatures.

It wasn’t always that way. Once, many generations ago the native Hawaiians under the direction and control of the chiefs, were allowed to feast on a limited number of their meat and eggs which were considered a delicacy. They have always been near and dear to the natives though, which is displayed by the numerous ancient Hawaiian pictures and engravings of Honu. There are many native Hawaiian’s who trace ‘aumakua, their spirit animal, to the beautiful green sea turtles and no wonder, they can live to be a hundred plus years. Please be sure and keep a respectful distance of 20 or more feet away, if you encounter one and they will let you admire! 

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