Open Edition Fine Art Giclees

This is a collection of my best works avalible at only a fraction of the original price, but just as vibrant and brilliant!

All Open Edition Fine Art Giclees are hand signed, professionally reproduced using the highest quality canvases and paper done entirely with museum quality archival inks! Canvases come in two styles traditionally wrapped or Galley wrapped. You choose the style you prefer. Just like Burger King you can have it your way. lol

Tradional wrapped canveses are streched on smaller strecher bars are about 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch on the sides and the image will be mirrored so you can choose to frame it or hang it as is. Tradional wrapped canvases are usually framed but don"t have to be.

Gallery wrapped canveses are streched on much larger strecher bars 1 inch to over 2 inches on the largest pieces so the sides are much larger than the tradtional wrapped canves and the image is mirrored the idea is so it can be hung just as it is without a frame and are not usually framed.